Welcome to theCord,
where systemic coaching support happens instantly, when and with whom you need it!

In a world where everything is happening “here & now”, there is a need to have instant access to professional accredited coaches to get insights and support, as fast as situations in our lives arise. But the current hectic rhythm of life and our intense schedules are a barrier for most of us in finding the time needed to scout, do the background check, contact and connect with coaches that can walk with us along the path of self-betterment.

How does it work

theCord is the platform where you can instantly connect with professional coaches. Our truly systemic approach integrates in the client – coach relationship the synchronistic model based on the so called “law of attraction” and causal connection. The connection happens instantly when you, the client, need it.

With theCord you can access the coaching support you need, exactly when you need it, by tapping into our extensive network of associate coaches, working aroung the globe and on all timeframes. Just input your search criteria and decide to which coach you want to connect with, out of the first 3 who respond live to your request.


You launch a request for a 20 min systemic coaching session, whenever an issue or an opportunity arises


Your request goes live and gets delivered instantly to the entire coaches’ network, based on your unique criteria: language, coaching type, price range


Instantly connect with the coach you want to connect with, out of the first three who promptly respond to your request


That’s it. You’re live with the coach who can best accompany you while achieving the desired results and outcomes


At the end of the session, you value your coach by paying within your previously stated price range.

theCord is right for you if:

You want to dodge bureaucracy, scheduling and pre-booking with a simple, live pairing system

You prefer shorter and more frequent coaching sessions

You want to have full ownership over your identified solutions and actions

You want to take your topic to different coaches to get a complete 360 degrees perspective

You are looking for systemic coaches to accompany you on breakthrough processes